The Use of Cannabinoids for Insomnia

Life can be hard when you a deprived of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause irritability and lead to diminished performance in the day.

Insomnia is a condition that includes symptoms such as finding it hard to sleep, waking up several times in the night, lying awake at night or still feel tired after waking up. There are many things that cause insomnia including anxiety, drugs, stress, noise, or shift work.

Insomnia can be hard to live with but luckily there is some home treatments that you can try.

Research has found that cannabinoids can help insomnia by improving symptoms (Kuhathasan et al, 2021). Other research has also found the same with CBD showing improvement in sleep quality (Shannon et al, 2019).

Although there is still research to be done to further clarify CBD effects in relation to insomnia, CBD can help you fall asleep quicker, promote a deeper sleep and help you to relax.

CBD is also best when taken regularly and at the same time each day.

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