How much CBD oil should i take?

Taking the correct amount of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids is important to make sure that you get the full effect and benefits of CBD. It can be hard to get the dosing right to match your needs and requirements.

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CBD products will usually have the advice to take 2-3 drops twice or three times a day and then up or lower the dose depending on your needs. These instructions can be confusing and make you want to give it up altogether as you’re not getting the results that you expected and who wants to waste their money in the meantime?

Well, fear not! We can give you some help to make the whole process A LOT easier! Don’t worry if you’re confused, we have all been there!

So, firstly don’t worry about the percentages on the bottles, you want to focus on the mg. The packaging of your product will usually tell you the mg in each drop. This is particularly helpful as you can then start to think how many mg you will need to take each day and how often.

Secondly, use your common sense and don’t be scared to up or lower the dose! CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that you’re not going to get a “high” from the product. You will eventually get to where you need to be with the product.

We would advise to have a think about what you are using the product for. For example, if you’re using it to aid sleep, you may want to take a little bit extra in the evening than you would in the morning. The same goes for if you are using it for pain and you feel the most pain in the morning, it would be more beneficial for you to take more in the morning than you would in the middle of the day.

It can also be useful to try and use two products together, such as an oil in the day and a balm or paste in the morning or evening. It is all about trying and seeing what works for you!

What you need to remember about CBD is that everyone is different and has different reasons for taking CBD. Your friend may say that they use CBD for sleep and use a certain amount but you have tried this and it didn’t work for you. It isn’t that the product isn’t working, its just that you might need to use a little bit more than them!

Taking CBD with medication:

According to research, CBD can interact with some medications, it’s always best to do your own research before taking CBD if you are on regular medication. We would recommend not taking CBD at the same time as your medication but maybe leaving an hour or two before or afterwards. It has also been mentioned that if you have to avoid grapefruit with your medication then you should probably avoid CBD.

If you need any further help, we recommend speaking to a pharmacist about taking CBD with your medications.

We are always here to offer an advice so if you would like any more information on doses, please contact us! If we cannot help you ourselves, we will always point you in the right direction!