Full Spectrum CBD Paste

The best CBD Paste is packed with all the cannabis sativa plant goodness. As a natural extract from nature, Hemp Paste is a powerful mix of cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes. This natural combination makes Full Spectrum CBD Paste rich in a range of cannabinoids including Cannabidiol (CBD) and (trace amounts) of CGC, CBG and THC. Due to strict testing and subject to UK law and legislation, all our products are lab tested and have less than 0.2% legal restriction of THC.

A Full Spectrum cannabidiol mix (including terpenes) provides your body with all the benefits of the cannabinoids working together in harmony. This is known to create a ‘synergy’ which can be described as, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  Full Spectrum CBD Paste UK is a perfect source of cannabis compounds working more effectively: collectively than individually. This effect on the – Human Endocannabinoid System – is known as the, ‘Entourage Effect’.  If you are looking for a rich, raw and powerful full spectrum cannabidiol with an earthy and spicy flavour which creates the ‘Entourage Effect’ then CBD Paste is for you.

When you take industrial hemp and put it through a clean extraction process such as the innovative C02 process - high pressure and low temperature - then the resulting natural extraction will be a CBD Paste. This is basically plant paste. It could not be more natural and out of all the cannabidiol offerings, is the most organic. CBD paste is used to create oils that then have a carrier mixed in. It could be said that CBD Paste is king of the cannabidiols!