Is CBD Legal?

CBD is legal in the UK and is a food supplement that is widely used to treat many ailments such as anxiety, insomnia and pain and promote overall wellbeing. Although CBD has been researched for years with researching supporting that it is helpful for treating such ailments, there is still more to be looked into. CBD is available in many forms including oils, pastes, capsules, vapes, skincare and edibles!

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Is CBD legal in the UK?

CBD is fully legal in the UK as long as the THC content is less than 0.2%. From April 2021 there was also a requirement that all companies selling/manufacturing CBD in the UK submit an application to the Foods Standard Agency for their products to be registered as a ‘Novel Food’.

So what is the Novel Foods Application?

The process for a company to register their product with the Foods Standard Agency is a long one. Each product must be registered with the agency, if it is to be ingested by the consumer (ie Oils, Pastes). This means every flavour, in every strength, of every product.

The application goes through admin checks firstly to make sure that it is fully completed. Once passed, the application becomes a ‘valid’ application and then can pass to the next stages.

The application that is submitted, clearly outlines

  • Where the raw product has come from
  • How it is made into the final product (process from start to finish)
  • Where the packaging is from and if it has the correct information on

The products must also go through stability testing which takes around a year.  This is to make sure that the product stays the same quality over time.

Hemporium CBD products have been submitted for validation meaning there are legally allowed to stay on sale. Check out the range here!