CBD Vape Oil: Quality E-liquids and Vape Pods for fast CBD absorption

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CBD vape oil or e-liquid is a method for consuming CBD using a vaporiser. The main components of a vaporiser are the battery, coil (atomiser) and tank. The liquid is stored inside the tank which has a coil inside it. When the battery button is pressed on, the coil is heated and the liquid inside the coil is converted in vapor and inhaled by the user. This method of consumption is one of the most effective, fastest and direct methods for consuming CBD as it passes straight from the lungs into the blood stream. CBD oil usually comes in 10ml bottles (the tank is filled up from the bottle) and varies in strength from 1% CBD (normally isolate and not full spectrum) to 10%. The CBD isolate is added to the vape oil which generally consists of: Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Natural Flavour. The ratio of VG and PG differs amongst manufacturers but quite often it is an even 50% each. There are many wonderful flavours on the market and none of the CBD vape oils that we provide have nicotine in them: They are nicotine free. If you already use a vaporiser for nicotine, then it is highly recommended that you use a separate vape pen for your CBD vape oil. The reason being that if you have a battery that produces too much power then the CBD can damage the coil when it burns. A recent study suggests that the most effective temperature to vaporise the CBD is between 210 and 230 degrees Celsius. It is therefore recommended that you use a pen vape so that you do not risk overheating with too much power going to the coil. Overall, many people choose to take CBD vape oil as it is the fastest delivery method from all the various products on the market today.