Entourage CBD Capsules

Our carefully selected range of – Entourage CBD Capsules – contain a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes that all work together to create a synergy known as the ‘Entourage Effect’. Our Full Spectrum CBD Capsules start their life in nature as an organic extract from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The capsules are lab tested and rich in CBD. They are Vegan friendly and naturally sourced to provide you with (probably) the easiest form of cannabinoid consumption. CBD capsule pills are easy to swallow, have little taste and perfect for the body to digest.

Best CBD Paste UK



When customers ask us what the best way to consume CBD is, Hemporium CBD always recommends: The method that works for you! If you are used to taking capsules (and don’t like the flavour of oils or paste) then this may the best way for you to be consistent in your daily consumption. One of the reasons why CBD Capsules are so popular is that they are a very convenient way for you to measure your daily dosage. If for example, you concluded that taking 3 capsules of 10mg a day was the best balance for you, then 30mg of CBD Capsules would be your benchmark. . The great thing about this method of consumption is that the absorption happens in the stomach which can also be a great way for localised targeting of the lower abdominal areas. CBD capsules generally take a little bit longer to work than other consumption methods due to digestion but are a very effective way of using the cannabis sativa plant for naturally wellness.